How do I transfer my PS Vita Wallpaper from my PC to PS Vita?

If you want to use your PC (Computer) to download your PS Vita Wallpaper then you will need help transferring it from PC to PS Vita.

To transfer you there are a few steps you need to take.

1. Go to any page on find the PS Vita Wallpaper you want click the image, which takes you to the full resolution (960 x 544) PS Vita Wallpaper.
2. Next, right click the image and click “Save as” and click OK to save somewhere on your PC.
3. Then, plug in your PlayStation Vita into your PC and go to Content Manager. It might prompt you to download a program – if it does, go ahead and download it. It’s a small file, and you’ll likely end up using it a lot.
4. Now go to “Copy Content” and click PC > PS Vita System, and then scroll down to Photo.
5. This will launch the Photo application, where you’ll see images with check boxes next to them. These are the images in your Photos folder (the program you install will let you change the folder location, if you want). Simply check the boxes you want to bring over and then hit Copy.
6. You now have the Wallpaper on your PS Vita.
7. Finally go into your photo gallery on your PS Vita and open an image. If you tap the screen a small bubble will pop up on the bottom right of the screen, which you need to click on. Now hit “Use as Start Screen” and you’re done. It’s set.